Politics is about people.

Politically Charged is focused on two goals, starting conversations with everyone from the diehard Bernie bro to somebody with #MAGA in their twitter handle, and encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to become more involved in the political process. We aim to provide insight and opinion from those of us too young to run for President, in order to drown out the noise generated by certain Presidential twitter accounts.

Donald Trump winning the Presidency forced our hand. Up to that point, silently liking tweets and keeping up to date on political news had been enough. Hillary was definitely going to win, why waste our time doing anything more? Well, SPOILER ALERT, the Donald won.

Further on down the road, Politically Charged will expand to creating original written content, crafting daily briefings to keep you politically charged (see what we did there), and possibly expanding the Politically Charged empire with additional podcasts.

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Jack Burland