Podcast Episodes

The Grim Reaper Has Left The Building

Episode 15 - 8/19/17 On this episode of Politically Charged, Jack covers President Trump's continuing inability to publicly criticize white supremacists and nazis, something that should be fairly simple for anyone who can talk. Followed up by topics like Steve Bannon being ousted from the White House and John Kelly proving he will not be the Trump administration's saving grace, though it just dropped, this episode has been hyped as "the single most important podcast episode" to listen to this year.

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Episode 14 - 8/14/17 RIP to Heather Heyer, Jay Cullen, and Berke Bates. This episode we cover the tragic events of this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump being hell bent on playing a game of chicken over twitter with North Korea, and Mitch McConnell becoming last week's Presidential punching bag.

Just Being Against Trump isn’t Enough

Episode 11 - 7/27/17 Joined by Emily Adams for this week's Thursday conversation, we get into Trump's ridiculous ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, the Senate's multiple failures to pass a healthcare bill and why any healthcare bill's impact on Planned Parenthood is such an important factor, and finally why it's not enough to just be against Trump right now!

How to Unite America One Tweet at a Time

Episode 7 - 7/3/17 This week on Politically Charged, Jack sticks with the solo format to discuss the latest developments on the Senate healthcare bill and why it seems to be changing so quickly, how the Trump travel ban (really a muslim ban) affects the idea of America as the land of opportunity, and why … Continue reading How to Unite America One Tweet at a Time